Without Coffee

I’m kind of addicted to coffee, really. Last month I counted and in average I drank 5 to 10 cups of 200ml a day only during work time.

That will kill me. Even if coffee is not a hard drug I can’t live forever drinking coffee in that way. Maybe I can but I don’t want. So I started a challenge to myself that is try to stop, drink less coffee as possible during my vacations. So more or less one month.

I already knew that without coffee ( 3 cups at least ) I can’t do nothing during the day. Really nothing. Usually I drink a lot of coffee during the week and at Saturdays I only drank coffee after lunch. My wife don’t share my taste for coffee so when we are together we drink a lot less. I don’t remember the last Saturday that I didn’t sleep all day long. Just terrible.

So, the initial plan was to stop and of course it didn’t worked. Now I’m here after two days, writing after my first cup of coffee. 2 days without coffee and after this cup looks like I drank some litres. I’m really awake, almost high.

There is a lot of studies about that and I’m not going to read it. If is just a trick of my mind at least I should not know :). So no matter if it is a trick or a real effect of abstinence, I prefer to low my consumption as possible and get high as possible when I took just one cup :).