Windows Phone 7.8

I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed, I have a friend that just bought a nokia lumia 800 and he will not have the windows phone 8. Microsoft did change the kernel from the CE to NT and this is the excuse for the lack of support for the update. But I know enough to say this is not the problem. The real problem is to support and test the update on the old devices. Keep the data from the users and make sure that all components works. Technically it is possible to run the wp8 on old devices and I really bet that will appear some roms to do it ( like appeared some roms to old phones based on 6.5 run the wp7 ).

But also there is a lot of stuff going on and in the end most of the apps written for the wp8 will run on wp7, the update 7.8 will look and feel like the wp8 and for the final users that is enough. Developers and hard core users will cry but not the normal people. This feeling is weird but I think that that decision was correct. These users are important. 


I receive some email about the pseudo fragmentation. The point is that for now it have only a bit of vertical fragmentation that is plausible. Two devices of same generation runs the same set of apps. If I write an app using only wp7.0 calls it will run perfectly on wp8. That is fine. As a developer I don’t really need to learn more to write wp8 apps. 

As developer I’m studying html5/win8 stuff because the things changes. Everytime. If not I’m supposed still to use old fortran from one of my first jobs.

Start Screen

Fan-boy moment. I prefer the old version. :). Since I don’t have choice I’ll have to use it, and I prefer to do not have choice.