Thoughts about Apple vs Samsung

I don’t know how samsung is divided internally but is like somewhat Samsung hired the chineses from nckia to project the phones. Let’s take the iphone 3G and the galaxy S.

Not only the form factor, but almost everything looks like. In this case is not about the patents (even if they are using it to make the point ), but how samsung simple make a generic version of theĀ concurrents. By example let’s take a LG and HTC phone:

Easy to see that both HTC and LG teams sit over and designed a phone. In normalĀ circumstancesĀ  I’ll never support a company in that questions but in this case I just want to Samsung get screwed.

Before anyone ask, I want to see the big companies burn in patents cases. More or less as the same if USA and URSS went into war in the 70’s.