Six months using an iPhone

So, as you read the title it is clear that I gave up on windows phones.  My last post was about the “Boring State of Smartphones” and on my opinion it still more or less the same.

The reason to move away was the lack of banking apps. I really use them. The second reason that is worse from the Microsoft perspective, skype really sucks on Windows Phone.  It went to a point that was hard do believe that the development of Windows Phone version of Skype was serious.

My original plan, as minimalist and frugal was to keep the phone for at least more 1 year, at least.  But my user case requires skype and bank apps so it became a no go to me.

So on January, I got an iPhone 6S. 

Got a 64gb model, smaller one.  It is a bit smaller than the Lumia 830 that I was using.  The first three weeks were terrible until I got used with it. Besides the changes since the wp7, the interface of windows phone still awesome but it is only this. Sounds sad and it is sad. 

My behavior using the phone changed. I not only now do banking but almost *everything*  I do on phone.  Reserve flights, Hotels, Cars, I order food and pay it with bitcoins. I still using skype but only because I do not have choice. For personal contacts I moved to imessage and whatsapp and I can’t imagine using skype anymore.

Actually I really use apps on phone. On windows phone I never really used it. My wife now got the same model as me and as soon as I can I will move my mom to it also.

Talking about her, unlocking the phone with fingerprint and using it to authenticate on the store and some apps is what is going to make her finally use passwords to lock the phone.  I heard rumors of the next macbooks having it and will be awesome also.

In the end, after almost 5 years of windows phone, is a sad end. Really. But in bright side the interface of iOS is getting better and better and iOS 10 seems to really be on par with I like. 

There is a lot of rumors about a surface phone but even if it goes well and get traccion, I will wait at least more 2 years to any change again. Except if the phone has an accident, it seems that this time I will keep the phone as long as I can.

The boring state of smartphone world

Here we go, I am kind of bored about one of the things that I used to like a lot: Mobiles Phones. 

My actual feeling is dissatisfied with my own phone, but I know that it will not change if I change phone or mobile platform. I actually own a Lumia 830 and I can´t see a phone in same tier with same price and I do not want spend 500 or more in a brand new phone.

Let’s start on what is ruining the windows phone platform. There is no more windows phone platform. Actually for the 2 or 3 time in few years you start over with a “new” awesome os update. From wp7 to wp8, wp8 to wp10 . Most you will point that the gross of source still been useful, c#, silverlight, etc. What you fail to see is once I changed the interface, is not that simple change the backend. A lot of decisions were made and here we are, with almost no apps, some of them look like wp7, some o them wp8, some of them wp10 and a lot of them look like android and iOS.  And when there are apps. My credit card, one of my banks, tumblr and flickr, no apps for you.

The update to wp10. I agree with Tom Warren, no phone is good enough, the system is not ready, almost everything is half baked. In my particular case, I don´t like the actual state of interface. I want my good old metro design back.

The last complain is about skype.  Skype sucks on windows phone, skype is one of my most used apps and just didn’t moved away from it because I kind of locked on it. My family and my main customer use only it.

My actual device is a Lumia 830, and for those who value money I still recommend it. If you have more money and are willing to spend it, go for one Iphone 6/6s.

Actually my advice is get a lumia 640 if money is short, get a iphone if you can.

About other platforms:

Will put it im simple terms, every time I use an android phone for more than 10 minutes, I became violent and want to throw the phone on the wall. Every time.

But in the last years became way better. Material Design is not a Metro but in my opinion has more future than the actual microsoft “whatever design”.

Still with some problems that after that amount of time should be solved. Any phone that is not expensive as hell sucks a lot.  Almost all my friends that used cheap android phones are on lumia 5xx or 6xx now. Even without apps. A phone still a phone and the basics, facebook, whatsapp, tinder, and a browser are there on Lumia. 

Iphone, I like the interface, it is good enough. The problem is the price. The top tier model is around 600 euros/dolars. I don’t see myself spending that amount of money and I am sure that after some time I will be on the same level of boringness that I am now. And the reason is simple, the phone I want, does not exist.  I want a wp7 with the wp10 kernel and all iOS apps.


I want nokia back

Really, also blackberry. Hope that nokia starts making phones again next year. Even it sucks. We need it, we need blackberry, even it sucks. I know how capitalism works and how difficult will became overtime to go out of polarization of iOS/Android but I need to hope that someone will make a phone that I like ;).

Microsoft/Nokia released a phone, new one, 230. Boy if it ran skype, I will surely try it. But no. How in the hell microsoft releases a phone that runs facebook, twitter, whatsapp and *not* skype.

This is the boring state, at least for me, of the smartphone world.

ps: Ubuntu phone and Tizen are even more experimental and without apps that wp7 was on the release day. Hope that changes also.

Windows Phone 7.8

I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed, I have a friend that just bought a nokia lumia 800 and he will not have the windows phone 8. Microsoft did change the kernel from the CE to NT and this is the excuse for the lack of support for the update. But I know enough to say this is not the problem. The real problem is to support and test the update on the old devices. Keep the data from the users and make sure that all components works. Technically it is possible to run the wp8 on old devices and I really bet that will appear some roms to do it ( like appeared some roms to old phones based on 6.5 run the wp7 ).

But also there is a lot of stuff going on and in the end most of the apps written for the wp8 will run on wp7, the update 7.8 will look and feel like the wp8 and for the final users that is enough. Developers and hard core users will cry but not the normal people. This feeling is weird but I think that that decision was correct. These users are important. 


I receive some email about the pseudo fragmentation. The point is that for now it have only a bit of vertical fragmentation that is plausible. Two devices of same generation runs the same set of apps. If I write an app using only wp7.0 calls it will run perfectly on wp8. That is fine. As a developer I don’t really need to learn more to write wp8 apps. 

As developer I’m studying html5/win8 stuff because the things changes. Everytime. If not I’m supposed still to use old fortran from one of my first jobs.

Start Screen

Fan-boy moment. I prefer the old version. :). Since I don’t have choice I’ll have to use it, and I prefer to do not have choice.