Next week, I´ll be at YAPC::Brazil, “Yet another perl conference”. I will give a talk about how we use perl in my actual work, and how we are trying to use modern perl at work.

I´m kind of proud. I returned to Brazil to work in the place that I started to use perl and more, the place that I introduced perl. When I started again and saw people using perl in daily base.. mmm… I really felt good. 

This time my talk will be simple and I will show some examples. This is also a opportunity to show how almost 6 years changed the mind of perl community, the way to do the things, the way that we think.

At that time the applications are all standalone, mainly “scripts”. Now they are becoming services, that has their on life and communicate with a lot of stuff. 

Also I´m going with three other guys, that also work a lot with perl. It is their first yapc and I hope that they like and maybe could came closer to the community.