This is the number in percentage of what mobile operational systems are being used to access all my web sites ( including applications, blogs, etc etc ).

Platform – % of visits – average time spent on site:

  1. Android – 36% –  00:01:51
  2. Symbian – 31% – 00:00:36
  3. iOS – 29% – 00:03:22
  4. Blackberry – 4% – 00:00:30

Notice how iOS users spend time navigating on their devices. Also notice how nokia was screwed with Symbian. Windows Phone is not representative yet.

Now if I open the Android by each version I have a giant report with 22 diferent versions! And 2.2 is the most common followed close by 2.3.4. Only two visitors used 4.x or more. This is less than the windows phone users.

And the last one, the devices per manufactures ( only the top 3 ):

  1. Nokia
  2. Apple
  3. Samsung

Almost 30% each. Since nokia is in decline and Apple and Samsung are climbing, this means a lot of “smartphones” nokia around, but that sucks. I had on 5800x ( one of the most popular ) and is just terrible navigate with it. 

I would like to see how it will be on the next six months, so I’ll do the same comparison again. Please note that this is only for my websites and is not a trend or something bigger. It is just my own analysis.

Nokia Lumia 710

So today I went to local store ( mediamarkt in Almere – NL) and saw a Nokia Lumia 710. Before that  I had an impression of it being the ugly duck. Everybody talks about the Lumia 800 and the 710 is just the bugdet option. 

The point is that it is way better than I thought. Really. Being almost 230 bucks cheaper than the Lumia 800 and free on contract it is really a good option.  If you are a developer and just want a phone to development this is your best option. 

First the hardware buttons looks way better live than in the photos. They are not a degree out of the phone but a nice designed buttons.  Also the build is very solid and have the same good feeling when touching that the 800.  

The screen is not the same but is better than my HTC trophy and the other options available at the time ( some HTCs, a old model LG ), except by of course the Lumia 800.

And the last comment, I was with my wife and the pink/white version just drove her crazy. In a sea of black, white and gray devices the nokias coloured ones look very cool. 

How usable is the nokia?

How usable is the nokia?