So I released a new website, It is based on a old ideia, a bookmark tool that shows the updates of the saved sites.  So basically linkivy is a tool where you can save links or have them read from your likes on facebook, and it will automatically show the feeds from these sites.

I’m using it for more or less one year, since I started to develop it. I would say that it is mature enough for the early adopters but still lack a lot of necessary features. The main features are:

  • save the link and automatically provide the feeds related
  • show the feeds in a really nice white minimalistic screen
  • read your facebook account for liked links and add it to your feed list ( if you want )

Just that, you can try it at, in front page you can navigate on some feeds without login. If you login you can add your feeds using a bookmark applet or reading the liked links on facebook.

That also changed the way that I save my bookmarks. On my primary desktop I save it using the javascript applet on bookmark toolbar, but on mobile phones, tablets or other computers I simple do like it on facebook when I want save it or read later or add the feed to my list.

That also make my internet reading more productive, If I want I can go to the publisher website but usually I simple check if there is new stuff published on that site on linkivy, and read what I think that should be read.

I hope it can be useful for other people also and the only thing that I’m planning is create a mobile client.