How do I consume music these days..

Have been a long time since I discovered the Naspter.  If one day I have to enumerate the top programs that somewhat changed my life, napster will be one.

Just before I discovered it, I managed to get a dsl, 256kbits. Business class, 80% crc, etc…  The initial spike took like, six months, I filled all my discs with mp3 and barely listened to half of that. Let’s be realistic, up to today I didn’t listened let’s say 10% of it.

The days passed, Napster passed, discs became cheap and I manage to get 2Tb of music. Became a trouble to manage it in a lot of senses. Two things happened this time, I got stressed, the need to download more and more music but also of course I didn’t listen that.

After I moved to Netherlands, I manage to understand better the artists and how my pals make money. Not only that but also the capitalist system itself. And the way that I was doing is clearly simple wrong, the music had almost zero value.

More or less in the same time, iTunes became really good to buy music. So I decided to drop 99,99% of my ilegal music and started to buy the songs.

Oh boy, this was good. True value of music. Since I can’t buy all the musics that I had, now I have to choose better, otherwise I’ll end with crap songs. This also removed the stress to listen all shit that I downloaded one day, and in the end, choose a music or album to buy became a pleasure and not a stress.

Today I have 5gb of music, all of them listened thousand of times, with cloud backup and I really like almost all of them.  Makes me happy to know that after the hours of pleasure that Daft Punk gave to me, at least I returned some pennies to them.

Iron Maiden, Ki-theory, Loch Lomond, Pearl Jam, Sergio Mendes :). Many others. This is a way to say thank you for all this time of happiness together.