After a while without writing documents I have to write one, using MS-Word.  I still remember that I never liked it, in true I dislike it.  Today it is clear to me that is was designed to other kind of people, not me.

Since I was … I don’t know… really young and used MS-Word to type school work, a lot of things changed on my mind. I became minimalist, my main focus is on content and this comeback to MS-Word was way worse than I could imagine. 

Boy, it sucks.

Using markdown or any other kind of markup language just make the whole thing of wysiwyg obsolete to me. To me.  The way that it presents doesn’t matter anymore, for whatever reason leave the formatting to other step, likely a template and processed by a machine.

This goes to another aspect of modern computing, each time less people uses any kind of office suite. By example these days I see more and more people using R or Minitab like programs with Excel only as a database for them. Also there is the OneNote that I used a lot, is way closer to content focus than MS-Word. A lot of times I use it to write down information and just past it on any other means.

Even slides shows is losing space, presentations are starting also became content centric and focused on the message and in the messenger rather than slides.  I lot of people that I know prepare small videos and pictures to use, instead classical slide shows with a lot of bullets.

Version Control with Git.

The last thing, that became unbeatable to me, is that using markdown together with git, version control is plain easy, simple.

I see the solutions used on my work to control versions of word documents, many of them based on abstractions of real world, archiving, indexing, etc.  I wonder if these people do not wish a better live at work.

To keep my library of documents with git and markdown, my effort is almost zero and way cheaper than any of this gigantic software to manage documents.