Actual list of electronic devices

So, after some years living on a datacenter, now I have few devices and one of the reasons to write this post is to share some side effects on my life after the redux.

First professionally, I became a backend developer only ( again ). Perl specialist. This is a side effect of not having too much devices, I don’t own Windows machines anymore and my mac air just have 128gb , barely enough for the stuff of me and my wife ( we share it ). So no virtual machines. Just terminals.

Of course I study and look other stuff that does not require fancy hardware. Haskell for example. Being more direct: I don’t claim anymore to be mobile developer. Not only that but I lost interest on developing on mobile devices. This lead to another side effect, I’m losing interest on Windows Phone. It is likely that my next phone will be the one that annoys me less. Also I more or less curious about the iOS that I never used as my primary phone.  I will see how it goes because my Lumia 830 is fine I hope it last for more year or so.

My wife uses the computer most to study english and do whatever stuff that is not possible to do on her phone.  I bought a miracast adapter ( that I recommend a lot ) and at home we use our phones to browse the web on tv. With windows phone 10 supporting usb keyboards, likely they will became the only devices around.

I have a xbox360 and I don’t use it too much. I wonder if I will ever again buy a new console. Xbox one and PS4 does not attract me as well most of modern games.  Really,  the list of games that I play on xbox are: minecraft, mortal kombat 2 and pro evolution soccer 2009.  By the way I went all digital and don’t have any disc to play. 

I have a tv and a monitor. Both full HD ( the monitor is a bit more than full hd ). The tv is not a smart tv and with the miracast adaptor not only it became smart but also turn into a basic computer ( with MS Word and Excel 🙂 ). 

My son took over the ipad of the family. It is almost destroyed and when it stop working or just got damaged in a way that may be dangerous to him, I will change it to  cheap android tablet.  In the end is just a terminal to youtube/netflix and tom “the cat” game.

So, the final list is short;

  • mac air
  • 2 lumias
  • kindle
  • ipad
  • Monitor 23″
  • TV led 24″ with miracast ( not a smart tv )
  • xbox 360

Final words:

Tablets, for me, does not make sense anymore. We only have one to our son. 

A big phone is likely to be the only device around, I think for most of the people. This makes me wonder that the next step for apple is of course, a tv.

Both Surface and Ipad Pro is developer/artists/engineers/designer tools.

I may want a microsoft band or apple watch in future, mainly to get health/fitness stats.

Being a minimalist I can really see myself in future with only a phone ( and keyboard and mouse bluetooth with some bigscreen around ). This also can be my work setup easy. Just need a terminal anyway. ( Welcome back mainframes ).