Turning a pro, saying no

So, I bought a kindle. The short story is: really good to read but one more device. I’ll not review it now but a lot of posts are coming based on books that I read on it. 

Turning a pro, is one of the books that I read and it is really good. There are some aspects that I didn´t like, but is related with the fact that I don’t like self-help books. Overall is a good book with a good idea: Are you a pro or a amateur?

After reading the book I would say, I’m almost a pro. The last part to really became a pro is say no

Between August and December I take a huge amount of freelance work to do. Since November I´m out of gym, not only gym but I´m only working. And now I got burned out. 

Imovlr.com dillema

For those who don’t know I’m the owner of Imovlr.com already for two years and I’m doing a lot of stuff there. Every development I did in the past two years is somewhat in the Imovlr.com umbrella.

It started with a simple idea on how sites of Real State should be. I never finished it. The source code that I wrote for it is a different story. It became a lot of stuff, Imovlr.com made me learn Perl Catalyst, Windows Phone, C#, Azure …

The Windows Phone apps gave some money but the rest never did. So I started to accept freelance jobs. The problem with freelance is that it is not my product. To do freelance to live, you have to be a Professional that I’m not. You have to be a Freelance Professional and I’m a Professional Developer. I like to create infrastructure and software for a product or for some on going stuff. Most of freelance jobs is a short shot, with stuff that I don´t know or don´t care or will never see it again.

Also there is another detail. For some market reason, takes a lot of time to get the first, the second and the third job and after they you will drown on proposals. Now I know that half is garbage and the other half is almost good. I have now enough stories to write a book, one of my favourites is one girl that came to me and asked: Could you make a e-commerce that deliver furniture to my customer? I said “probably” and asked for more details. She said that she wants something like ikea.com … 

Ok. That is not for me. Really.

I´m happy with two freelance jobs now, and I´m going with them. One for a small start-up and other is a webservice for a friend. These two are the last ones. For now I´m back to the original ideia of Imovlr.com: develop a product that I can sell and support. 

Meanwhile between the 9 and 5, I still taking care of the software that runs the Morpho e-documents production.

I would like to say thanks to my friend Igor Sutton. One day I´ll give you 0.5% of the shares of Imovlr.com 😉 and you will use the revenue to visit me on Ubatuba