Long time no see

Time flies, really.  I wanted to write something here but actually I can’t see what or why so I postponed a lot. 

In the same way that I have to declutter to get some mind relieve, I noticed that when I want to change or enforce some change I need to write about it.  Just self knowledge. 

So after I became minimalist I really felt that I controlled my consumption instincts all areas except one, food.  I still fucking fat. 

Sometimes you really need a push, sometimes a really hard push. One that I can’t go back. Like when someone that you love dies from direct consequences of his diet.  

That is my father, now is about one month that he passed. 

Since then I lost around 10 kilos, I think that mostly from the trauma but actually I will push more to became more healthy.  The actual fuel is the feeling, the feeling that I don’t want my son feel the same for me, in same conditions.  For the hell sake no. 

As soon I saw that I was returning to old food habits, I decided to do something and it seems that writing here became a kind of contract that I have.  Like when I did while becoming minimalist now I am doing while becoming healthy.