I always take a look on new services when they launch and with Bitbucket was the same. In the beginning it looked like a “poor’s man github” but Atlassian made a good job. It is now really good.

I don´t know if Atlassian always owned Bitbucket but sometime more or less a year ago I started to use it more often. Because it became good :).  And  the day that I needed to create a group of developers into a private git repository arrived and the price of my loved kiln was prohibitive to me.

So I choose the bitbucket.

In some kind of irony, the new feature of kiln to convert mercurial  repos to git just made my work easier. And this just prove the value of the tool from Fogcreek.  The problem is that I have to choose for the money, and 10 bucks for 10 developers is way cheaper than the 25 bucks per user per month.  If I had this budget I would choose Kiln, really.

Also as private free repository I can manage to have up to 5 developers into it, impressive. And when I reached the magic number of 10, I was already using it for free and was just to enter my credit card and add the new guys to the existing project.


They also have a nice git client, really nice, and easy to developers that never used a source code control. Sourcetree.

Despite the annoying registration, it is a good software. I would not enter in details but in my opinion is the best gui software for git. All other git guis end into a fallback to command line. It is already 2 months without open the git command line on my desktop. 🙂