Only one personal device part II

Today is is around one year and half since I publish the last post here, entitled “Only one personal device”.   I can say now what worked and what failed. But spoiler alert I don’t have just one personal device anymore, but mainly use just one. 

So, as November 2018 here is the list of tech stuff I have:

  • apple watch
  • apple iphone 8
  • kindle really old ( but works )
  • apple tv
  • mac book pro 2009
  • xbox one

Except by the apple watch that is new andI never really truly had a watch before, it is the same old devices that I had.  The Xbox one is new but it went on the place of former Xbox 360. 

So in true the one personal device I have today is … the apple ecosystem… Apple watch and iphoneis truly one system and the apple tv is just one extension to the big screen.  Simple like that.  The two aliens are the kindle and xbox.  Apple make some advances on gaming but a dedicated console ( or a pc if it is your case ) still light years on the front. 

The microsoft ecosystem still getting better and I use it, xbox, one drive, etc, but the feeling is much more a service that you use than *your personal system*.  This is the difference on my opinion today.  The apple stuff really is my stuff, the others systems ( live,amazon ) is a service provider that appears from time to time. 

For developing software on my free time I use my old, almost 9 years old macbook. ( And it is where I wrote this text ). My tools nowadays are Perl, Golang, Goland IDE, google cloud. The configuration of the notebook is fine for these tasks.  Also eventually I run excel with ton of macros.  Looking at this, the line-up of apple makes a lot of sense. 95% of people don’t have a requirement to upgrade machine just for the processing power. 

The base of everything is the iphone. Sometimes I wonder about an iPad but  what I am really going to do is get a bigger iPhone. Maybe I can retire the kindle on that. In the end my real device is the ecosystem, so the next leap will be that I don’t need a device but that the given device I am using works with Apple. 

There are also a list of items that I think that will die soon, in favor of my smartphone, or companion device ( if you count the phone, watch and maybe a glass ). 

  • keys
  • bank card
  • car keys
  • any kind of id ( badge by instance )
  • Documents
  • any other card ( public transport ).

In the end I prefer, for now, that apple gets this future because I will be worried a lot if google or facebook or any government controls this.  I said apple but in the end I want this to be open as free software, even if the provider is a company, but you can’t get always what you want.