CodePlex – Mercurial password for new users

I started to use CodePlex, a.k.a Github for microsoft stuff, and when I was trying to push my source code to mercurial repository it never sucessed. 

That looks like it is not working with live-id correctly ( probably not ). The first time you login on codeplex you can choose if you want use your live-id or the login schema from the codeplex. To me is clear that the operations are authenticated only against the codeplex login system. 

So what I did?

I choose to login with my live-id and during the first login I was asked to choose a “username”. So I logged out and started a password recovery using this username. It sent a email to my live-id and voi-la. After I reset the password everything worked.

Notice that this procedure didn’t touch the live-id password and it is only for stuff on codeplex. Hope that this can help you.