Classical Blog is dead

I kept blogs since they were not blogs. My first website was on geocities and somewhat my sites always were kind of “logs”. 

As far I remember, the first popular free blog was the blogger, others came before ( livejournal and others that I don’t remember now ) but blogger was the one that changed everything. 

The ideia of writing online still around on more or less the same format but I don’t see it belonging to a given blog or domain. Most of people post on social networks, youtube and tech people slowly made github their social network. 

The way that we publish our ideias online now is mainly on some “social” point, whatever if it is a social network, video or photo sharing service, or a news fancy collective blog  ( medium by example ).

Now I am killing the all the blogs I use to keep or write except this one, because I still like to have my own personal space on internet.  Also because at least here you don’t have to see ads or being tracked to read my stuff.