Almost two years with Windows 8

So, it more or less two years since I’m using it. At that time it was alpha and still having the start menu. Kind of fun that the start menu was removed and now it is back on 8.1.

After this period, I can say for me at least, the good and the bad of it.

About the metro/desktop dual mode.

Oh boy.. here we go. 95% of my time, I’m using the desktop mode. There are two main reasons for this:

The first is this: Desktop apps, the old ones. They are way better than any metro version. 

  • Skype. The metro version is nice, really. But the good old desktop version is years away from it.  I can’t share screen, I can’t receive calls automatically, I can’t do almost nothing on the metro version of the skype.
  • Teamviewer.  Same of the skype. 
  • Evernote. The main advantage is the focus. Metro apps are more productive  when you don’t need to use with desktop apps. Evernote does well the job calling the browser ( metro ie ) when necessary and use the charm bar wisely. But, but, desktop version still ahead by times.
  • One Note: Metro one note is a disaster. I started using again the Evernote mainly because of One Note Metro.
  • Mail App: Impossible.
  • Skydrive: Microsoft didn’t found yet the way to represent filesystem on metro interface.  Except for that it is good.
  • Social Hub: It is nice. I use it often. Specially the chat, “docked” on side of my screen.
  • Internet Explorer: It is the exception here, I use it more in metro mode than in desktop mode.

The Second one: It feels strange, really strange use desktop and metro together. 

Nailed. The full screen mode of lion make a lot of more sense on desktop than have a windowed desktop together with a metro one.

That will expand to my second part, the new start menu;

The new start menu

For now, let´s assume that I only use desktop mode.

Oh boy, the new start menu rocks. Really. After I got used to it, I found the old one boring.  It is not about a place to put icons as shortcuts.  Compared with the old versions it is smart. Has the search nicely integrated and is beautiful. Comparing with the metro apps, the start menu when I’m using only desktop does not fill strange. It fits. 

The settings and the new control panel ( metro ) fits also and they are good. The point that I’m thinking now, is that the desktop apps should have a more metro interface ( in future ).  But not going full metro. And having the option to be full screen. More or less like the Mac os. I said that but I really prefer the metro design language than the mac os / iOS7.

Network Settings

Everytime that I need to change networks settings, I cry blood hard. Why  in the hell when I’m in desktop mode and click on tray icon of network, it opens the metro sidebar of network where I can’t do nothing!?


If you ask me, this is the better stuff on the windows 8. It is necessary to be the “pro” version. Hyper-V is really good and now I’m moving as I can from vmware to it.  The fact that it is free and powerful makes all the difference. The ability to move it forward to a win2012 with hyper-v is a plus. 


After two years, I can say that this windows, of course, is the best Windows that I used. For desktops it the system that I like more. It is not perfect and I think that is not finished yet. Windows 7 was the mature end for the 95 generation. Windows 8 is a new start and like everything new takes sometime to get used and to get polished. 

It is not a fanboy opinion. I still using Mac OS and Linux half of my day to work and like them. The thing here is that is the interface/api that I like more, and what I think that is going to be the future. 

In true I started using it because Windows Phone 7. Now in November will be 3 years using Windows Phone Metro, so it will have it post also.

ps: I started with Metro and refuse to call it Modern UI whatever.. nobody will sue me due this blog post.