Only one personal device

It is already a long time that I wanted to have just one device that has almost everything I need.  Windows Phone was quite a promise in this but failed to deliver.  When I moved to iOS something changed, I started to use more and more just the iphone, to a point where I asked myself: What if I can connect a apple keyboard and use it with ssh and actually at least use way less my notebook.

The answer is it works.  Not perfect but given the trade off I am happy with the results until now.

This is the photo of my office now.  An Iphone with bluetooth keyboard and a apple lightining <-> hdmi adaptor and of course a monitor.

I still testing a lot of apps but the basic needs,  browser, messaging, ssh, internet bank and photos are 100% ok.

At the time of the post it is the third week I am with this setup. There is a lot of drawbacks but the simplicity of it pays off.  The main drawback I am having now is to use the device screen to touch. But when I am docked, after I connect to ssh or starts do browse is very rare that I need to touch the screen so life goes on.

The next update on this I will write about apps that I am using on the journey,  since I didn’t finish the tests yet I will wait more to write but one thing I can say for sure, the wordpress app for self hosted blogs is terrible.  Microsoft Translator is my right hand, it is very good, as well the termius ssh app.