One year of Windows Phone 7

So, it is already one year since I moved from my loved/hated nokia 5800 to my really loved HTC trophy 7. It is time for some reflections.

Once a time a go, I saw a weird phone, with a interesting interface. I went to the shop and saw the Microsoft logo and walked away. I did it three times and tried on the fourth, and bought it.  My nokia 5800 software sucked and annoyed me too much that I need some fresh air. I never liked Androids and for some weird reason I never felt enough will to buy a iphone. Welcome to the dark side*.

So changed my life in some sense, since I was a nokia user and Linux fan boy it is easy to imagine that wasn’t a easy decision. But after it payed every buck that I spent on it.

Two years using the nokia 5800 generated a lot of frustration, that easily make me understand why nokia dropped the Symbian and Meego in favor of Windows Phone. With the nokia 5800 I have a phone and nice music player with a terrible touch screen. The browser sucks, the ovi store sucks, the apps sucks. The hardware was good and the touch screen, resistive one makes me cry blood everytime that I need to use it.

So when I started to use the HTC was only happiness, nice capacitive touch screen with a awesome looking system, with apps that work ( even if it is not that much ) and I can easy develop for it. I downloaded the SDK and make the hello world in 10 minutes. I really tried the nokia QT studio and other options and again was terrible in many levels.

Now I only check social networks on my phone, is rare use desktop email client and I really became more productive in a lot of tasks. I can do a lot of tasks on my phone.  At that time was windows phone 7 and it was really more limited that it is today.

When the windows 7.5 was released ( I installed it since the beta version ), with new apps and a lot of new features ( for users and developers ) I just got it as my definitive phone. HTC hardware proved to be really good, surviving some hard falls and with a lot of scratches it is still working perfect.

The only thing that I got a bit disappointed was the camera, but it is specific from HTC, the nokia 800 from my wife has a gorgeous camera ( like all nokias ).  The lack of some apps and the time that it takes for some apps comes to the platform still a issue but I can understand. Will get better in future when it will have more marktshare.