Goodbye Twitter, Hello

I can´t use twitter anymore. It is already more or less six months that something is wrong with twitter and the last bullshit about the apps made me think about.

The question is that I use 80% of the time the website, and the 20% on the phone and tablet that sucks. The official application on windows phone is a shit and the iOs and Android is not too much better. 

The people that use twitter changed, today twitter is more like a rss feed with comments than the original ideia. Whatever it is supposed to be. 

Meanwhile a new service appear. Let´s say a old school twitter that is a charged. No ads, the data is yours. Deal.

I tried for one month and it seems to be cool, but with few people. But as platform and content it wins already over twitter. You can check my public profile here, and I’m inviting you to join if you like to generate content. 

I still don’t know if I’ll still using twitter, maybe if I find a way to filter the tweets better but… everyday I like more of