Designer wannabe

So I still trying to make better designs. When I’m tired from programming or some other hard stuff I feel incredible refreshed just designing around…

Of course design is more than the graphical design itself but for today I will comment the new graphical design from my website

I’m following the tips from Robby , I created a design morgue and I’m copying ( really ) the good designs that I find. One of these is the website of Wilson Miner. One of interesting things about it is the response related with the size of “screen”. Each screen size has a response and was made in pure css. 

So basically I used the css trick : @media screen and ( min-width: 1080px ) to adjust the parameters when the screen is bigger than a x number of pixels. Depending of the width or the height I’ll change the layout.  To say trust I  almost copy the behavior of Wilson Miner site but you know, great artists steal :). 

Now the ideia is apply this in some way to I don’t know yet how I’ll do but the challange is make it friendly to mobile and desktop in one “shot”.