Two years as minimalist

A long time ago I used to have more than seven computers at my office. How it started I wrote here

After this time I’m more happy, managed to get rid of lot of stuff. A lot, really a lot.  Some victories includes do not own a car anymore, have just one computer, a mobile phone and five books.

I still have some stuff I want to get rid but for me, it seems that I reached a good point. Just need to keep it.  Also I’m planning myself to move and for the first time on my life eventually I will move to a smaller place. What will matter to me is the location. 

The public transportation on my beloved city still sucks so I depend on taxis and rented cars to move long distances.  The key point is to live in a nice place, close to work. Actually I do but my rent contract is in the end so let’ s see what is going to happen.

Also I changed the way I give gifts. It is very hard to buy stuff.  Last gift I gave I took my father-in-law to see the game of Palmeiras. Better than any gift I gave him, for sure.  The game was a month ago and he still talking about it.  🙂

That is it. Now I can say that I really live a minimalist lifestyle 😉