Only one personal device part II

Today is is around one year and half since I publish the last post here, entitled “Only one personal device”.   I can say now what worked and what failed. But spoiler alert I don’t have just one personal device anymore, but mainly use just one. 

So, as November 2018 here is the list of tech stuff I have:

  • apple watch
  • apple iphone 8
  • kindle really old ( but works )
  • apple tv
  • mac book pro 2009
  • xbox one

Except by the apple watch that is new andI never really truly had a watch before, it is the same old devices that I had.  The Xbox one is new but it went on the place of former Xbox 360. 

So in true the one personal device I have today is … the apple ecosystem… Apple watch and iphoneis truly one system and the apple tv is just one extension to the big screen.  Simple like that.  The two aliens are the kindle and xbox.  Apple make some advances on gaming but a dedicated console ( or a pc if it is your case ) still light years on the front. 

The microsoft ecosystem still getting better and I use it, xbox, one drive, etc, but the feeling is much more a service that you use than *your personal system*.  This is the difference on my opinion today.  The apple stuff really is my stuff, the others systems ( live,amazon ) is a service provider that appears from time to time. 

For developing software on my free time I use my old, almost 9 years old macbook. ( And it is where I wrote this text ). My tools nowadays are Perl, Golang, Goland IDE, google cloud. The configuration of the notebook is fine for these tasks.  Also eventually I run excel with ton of macros.  Looking at this, the line-up of apple makes a lot of sense. 95% of people don’t have a requirement to upgrade machine just for the processing power. 

The base of everything is the iphone. Sometimes I wonder about an iPad but  what I am really going to do is get a bigger iPhone. Maybe I can retire the kindle on that. In the end my real device is the ecosystem, so the next leap will be that I don’t need a device but that the given device I am using works with Apple. 

There are also a list of items that I think that will die soon, in favor of my smartphone, or companion device ( if you count the phone, watch and maybe a glass ). 

  • keys
  • bank card
  • car keys
  • any kind of id ( badge by instance )
  • Documents
  • any other card ( public transport ).

In the end I prefer, for now, that apple gets this future because I will be worried a lot if google or facebook or any government controls this.  I said apple but in the end I want this to be open as free software, even if the provider is a company, but you can’t get always what you want.

Only one personal device

It is already a long time that I wanted to have just one device that has almost everything I need.  Windows Phone was quite a promise in this but failed to deliver.  When I moved to iOS something changed, I started to use more and more just the iphone, to a point where I asked myself: What if I can connect a apple keyboard and use it with ssh and actually at least use way less my notebook.

The answer is it works.  Not perfect but given the trade off I am happy with the results until now.

This is the photo of my office now.  An Iphone with bluetooth keyboard and a apple lightining <-> hdmi adaptor and of course a monitor.

I still testing a lot of apps but the basic needs,  browser, messaging, ssh, internet bank and photos are 100% ok.

At the time of the post it is the third week I am with this setup. There is a lot of drawbacks but the simplicity of it pays off.  The main drawback I am having now is to use the device screen to touch. But when I am docked, after I connect to ssh or starts do browse is very rare that I need to touch the screen so life goes on.

The next update on this I will write about apps that I am using on the journey,  since I didn’t finish the tests yet I will wait more to write but one thing I can say for sure, the wordpress app for self hosted blogs is terrible.  Microsoft Translator is my right hand, it is very good, as well the termius ssh app.



Classical Blog is dead

I kept blogs since they were not blogs. My first website was on geocities and somewhat my sites always were kind of “logs”. 

As far I remember, the first popular free blog was the blogger, others came before ( livejournal and others that I don’t remember now ) but blogger was the one that changed everything. 

The ideia of writing online still around on more or less the same format but I don’t see it belonging to a given blog or domain. Most of people post on social networks, youtube and tech people slowly made github their social network. 

The way that we publish our ideias online now is mainly on some “social” point, whatever if it is a social network, video or photo sharing service, or a news fancy collective blog  ( medium by example ).

Now I am killing the all the blogs I use to keep or write except this one, because I still like to have my own personal space on internet.  Also because at least here you don’t have to see ads or being tracked to read my stuff.

Long time no see

Time flies, really.  I wanted to write something here but actually I can’t see what or why so I postponed a lot. 

In the same way that I have to declutter to get some mind relieve, I noticed that when I want to change or enforce some change I need to write about it.  Just self knowledge. 

So after I became minimalist I really felt that I controlled my consumption instincts all areas except one, food.  I still fucking fat. 

Sometimes you really need a push, sometimes a really hard push. One that I can’t go back. Like when someone that you love dies from direct consequences of his diet.  

That is my father, now is about one month that he passed. 

Since then I lost around 10 kilos, I think that mostly from the trauma but actually I will push more to became more healthy.  The actual fuel is the feeling, the feeling that I don’t want my son feel the same for me, in same conditions.  For the hell sake no. 

As soon I saw that I was returning to old food habits, I decided to do something and it seems that writing here became a kind of contract that I have.  Like when I did while becoming minimalist now I am doing while becoming healthy.

Six months using an iPhone

So, as you read the title it is clear that I gave up on windows phones.  My last post was about the “Boring State of Smartphones” and on my opinion it still more or less the same.

The reason to move away was the lack of banking apps. I really use them. The second reason that is worse from the Microsoft perspective, skype really sucks on Windows Phone.  It went to a point that was hard do believe that the development of Windows Phone version of Skype was serious.

My original plan, as minimalist and frugal was to keep the phone for at least more 1 year, at least.  But my user case requires skype and bank apps so it became a no go to me.

So on January, I got an iPhone 6S. 

Got a 64gb model, smaller one.  It is a bit smaller than the Lumia 830 that I was using.  The first three weeks were terrible until I got used with it. Besides the changes since the wp7, the interface of windows phone still awesome but it is only this. Sounds sad and it is sad. 

My behavior using the phone changed. I not only now do banking but almost *everything*  I do on phone.  Reserve flights, Hotels, Cars, I order food and pay it with bitcoins. I still using skype but only because I do not have choice. For personal contacts I moved to imessage and whatsapp and I can’t imagine using skype anymore.

Actually I really use apps on phone. On windows phone I never really used it. My wife now got the same model as me and as soon as I can I will move my mom to it also.

Talking about her, unlocking the phone with fingerprint and using it to authenticate on the store and some apps is what is going to make her finally use passwords to lock the phone.  I heard rumors of the next macbooks having it and will be awesome also.

In the end, after almost 5 years of windows phone, is a sad end. Really. But in bright side the interface of iOS is getting better and better and iOS 10 seems to really be on par with I like. 

There is a lot of rumors about a surface phone but even if it goes well and get traccion, I will wait at least more 2 years to any change again. Except if the phone has an accident, it seems that this time I will keep the phone as long as I can.

37 items

Actually I was doing one more decluttering session on my home when I found the items count from my last move.  37 items, no including clothes and small stuff.  Actually they were 37 “big items”. Table, chairs, couch, tv, etc. 

I’m not counting anymore since it is too much for me count every item and keep a inventory, but I really guess that today both me and my wife have less than 300 items together.  

Actually it does not apply to my kid. I need to control myself, he must have easily more than 200 items, 90% toys. 

The boring state of smartphone world

Here we go, I am kind of bored about one of the things that I used to like a lot: Mobiles Phones. 

My actual feeling is dissatisfied with my own phone, but I know that it will not change if I change phone or mobile platform. I actually own a Lumia 830 and I can´t see a phone in same tier with same price and I do not want spend 500 or more in a brand new phone.

Let’s start on what is ruining the windows phone platform. There is no more windows phone platform. Actually for the 2 or 3 time in few years you start over with a “new” awesome os update. From wp7 to wp8, wp8 to wp10 . Most you will point that the gross of source still been useful, c#, silverlight, etc. What you fail to see is once I changed the interface, is not that simple change the backend. A lot of decisions were made and here we are, with almost no apps, some of them look like wp7, some o them wp8, some of them wp10 and a lot of them look like android and iOS.  And when there are apps. My credit card, one of my banks, tumblr and flickr, no apps for you.

The update to wp10. I agree with Tom Warren, no phone is good enough, the system is not ready, almost everything is half baked. In my particular case, I don´t like the actual state of interface. I want my good old metro design back.

The last complain is about skype.  Skype sucks on windows phone, skype is one of my most used apps and just didn’t moved away from it because I kind of locked on it. My family and my main customer use only it.

My actual device is a Lumia 830, and for those who value money I still recommend it. If you have more money and are willing to spend it, go for one Iphone 6/6s.

Actually my advice is get a lumia 640 if money is short, get a iphone if you can.

About other platforms:

Will put it im simple terms, every time I use an android phone for more than 10 minutes, I became violent and want to throw the phone on the wall. Every time.

But in the last years became way better. Material Design is not a Metro but in my opinion has more future than the actual microsoft “whatever design”.

Still with some problems that after that amount of time should be solved. Any phone that is not expensive as hell sucks a lot.  Almost all my friends that used cheap android phones are on lumia 5xx or 6xx now. Even without apps. A phone still a phone and the basics, facebook, whatsapp, tinder, and a browser are there on Lumia. 

Iphone, I like the interface, it is good enough. The problem is the price. The top tier model is around 600 euros/dolars. I don’t see myself spending that amount of money and I am sure that after some time I will be on the same level of boringness that I am now. And the reason is simple, the phone I want, does not exist.  I want a wp7 with the wp10 kernel and all iOS apps.


I want nokia back

Really, also blackberry. Hope that nokia starts making phones again next year. Even it sucks. We need it, we need blackberry, even it sucks. I know how capitalism works and how difficult will became overtime to go out of polarization of iOS/Android but I need to hope that someone will make a phone that I like ;).

Microsoft/Nokia released a phone, new one, 230. Boy if it ran skype, I will surely try it. But no. How in the hell microsoft releases a phone that runs facebook, twitter, whatsapp and *not* skype.

This is the boring state, at least for me, of the smartphone world.

ps: Ubuntu phone and Tizen are even more experimental and without apps that wp7 was on the release day. Hope that changes also.

Actual list of electronic devices

So, after some years living on a datacenter, now I have few devices and one of the reasons to write this post is to share some side effects on my life after the redux.

First professionally, I became a backend developer only ( again ). Perl specialist. This is a side effect of not having too much devices, I don’t own Windows machines anymore and my mac air just have 128gb , barely enough for the stuff of me and my wife ( we share it ). So no virtual machines. Just terminals.

Of course I study and look other stuff that does not require fancy hardware. Haskell for example. Being more direct: I don’t claim anymore to be mobile developer. Not only that but I lost interest on developing on mobile devices. This lead to another side effect, I’m losing interest on Windows Phone. It is likely that my next phone will be the one that annoys me less. Also I more or less curious about the iOS that I never used as my primary phone.  I will see how it goes because my Lumia 830 is fine I hope it last for more year or so.

My wife uses the computer most to study english and do whatever stuff that is not possible to do on her phone.  I bought a miracast adapter ( that I recommend a lot ) and at home we use our phones to browse the web on tv. With windows phone 10 supporting usb keyboards, likely they will became the only devices around.

I have a xbox360 and I don’t use it too much. I wonder if I will ever again buy a new console. Xbox one and PS4 does not attract me as well most of modern games.  Really,  the list of games that I play on xbox are: minecraft, mortal kombat 2 and pro evolution soccer 2009.  By the way I went all digital and don’t have any disc to play. 

I have a tv and a monitor. Both full HD ( the monitor is a bit more than full hd ). The tv is not a smart tv and with the miracast adaptor not only it became smart but also turn into a basic computer ( with MS Word and Excel 🙂 ). 

My son took over the ipad of the family. It is almost destroyed and when it stop working or just got damaged in a way that may be dangerous to him, I will change it to  cheap android tablet.  In the end is just a terminal to youtube/netflix and tom “the cat” game.

So, the final list is short;

  • mac air
  • 2 lumias
  • kindle
  • ipad
  • Monitor 23″
  • TV led 24″ with miracast ( not a smart tv )
  • xbox 360

Final words:

Tablets, for me, does not make sense anymore. We only have one to our son. 

A big phone is likely to be the only device around, I think for most of the people. This makes me wonder that the next step for apple is of course, a tv.

Both Surface and Ipad Pro is developer/artists/engineers/designer tools.

I may want a microsoft band or apple watch in future, mainly to get health/fitness stats.

Being a minimalist I can really see myself in future with only a phone ( and keyboard and mouse bluetooth with some bigscreen around ). This also can be my work setup easy. Just need a terminal anyway. ( Welcome back mainframes ).

Two years as minimalist

A long time ago I used to have more than seven computers at my office. How it started I wrote here

After this time I’m more happy, managed to get rid of lot of stuff. A lot, really a lot.  Some victories includes do not own a car anymore, have just one computer, a mobile phone and five books.

I still have some stuff I want to get rid but for me, it seems that I reached a good point. Just need to keep it.  Also I’m planning myself to move and for the first time on my life eventually I will move to a smaller place. What will matter to me is the location. 

The public transportation on my beloved city still sucks so I depend on taxis and rented cars to move long distances.  The key point is to live in a nice place, close to work. Actually I do but my rent contract is in the end so let’ s see what is going to happen.

Also I changed the way I give gifts. It is very hard to buy stuff.  Last gift I gave I took my father-in-law to see the game of Palmeiras. Better than any gift I gave him, for sure.  The game was a month ago and he still talking about it.  🙂

That is it. Now I can say that I really live a minimalist lifestyle 😉  

The death of Metro

This link.

First read it all. There are violent trues there but all things have at least two sides.  

The market stuff seems ok but the design part it is not. Panorama and Pivot are really good but the problem is all about the default mindset that iOS and Android gave to all people. More or less like Windows did on desktops starting on the 90′s, people got used with the worse. 

It makes clear to me what make Apple strong, they never changed the OS X to be more like Windows, they just work hard to make it better. Today I still prefer Windows Phone but since iOS 7, it seems that soon or later I’ll became an iphone user.